A Peek at the Book

First you are in shock, then denial, then you cry, then you scream! You cry some more, scream some more, then try to work it out. You ask yourself at least 20 times a day, Why? You can’t sleep; you blame him, you blame yourself. You try talking, yelling, couples therapy, letters, emailing, all to no avail.  He wants to stay in touch to see that you are doing okay. Okay? What a slime! (the first of many names that you call him before you settle on the perfect word for him and his behavior: jackass!

Whatever course of action you choose from this book, you will get through this fiasco and come out of it a stronger, more vibrant, confident, powerful and totally evolved woman. You regain your chutzpah! You will also be able to look back at your breakup with just the right bit of sarcasm and humor as you move on with your life. All the way to your recovery is paved with laughter! No matter how bad you may be feeling right now, I know that this book will help you move on. And I kept this thought in the back of my mind, advice given to me by one very wise woman (and there are many of them), who reminded me that “living well is the best revenge.”

To move on, to go on with your life after your breakup is a true testament to the strength of all women. It is my hope that this book will help you begin that process! Special gems of wisdom—”diamonds” I like to call them—will close each chapter. We may not have the jewels right now, but we eventually will and in our own time and on our own terms!