The Feisty Lady and Choosing a Partner in Life

Feisty ladies! What qualities come to mind when choosing a partner in life? We have all seen the many lists of suggested qualities and traits that seem to match the guy that we are all looking for. I found one list of the top 10 qualities to look for in a man that seems to be best suited to me. The list goes in sequence with #10 being the most important trait: this guy will treasure his relationship with you and will bring out the best in you. I am ready to meet this guy…now!

1. You are very proud and happy to introduce him to people who care about you. Your family and friends have all been wondering about your “nauseatingly sweet” smile and your “over the top” positive mood. Now they will know why. They’re so happy for you and even perhaps a bit envious. They tell you and feel that it is about time for you to have a great love in your life. (He will get their “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval for sure).

2. His life history suggests a strong motivation for achievement. This guy does not work as a
check out clerk at Walmart or in an ammo store. He works at a job that enables him to grow professionally and personally utilizing his college degree/s to the max. He has great plans for the future in his work and ……with you. Sounds great to me. (No, he does not have a brother, but he does have some cousins who are single. Let me know if you are interested).

3. He has a face that you find attractive. He has a great smile and a sparkle in his eye. He is neat and tidy, well kept. His clothing is also always clean, his shoes polished, and he sports no extra unruly facial hair. (Yes, my last Mr. Wonderful was the direct opposite in appearance and was lacking in so many other areas. What did I see in him anyway? Never mind; I wonder that every day but have forgiven myself long ago for being so stupid).

4. He is willing to allow you to pursue your own interests and career. He sees your personal and professional pursuits as being equal and important to his own and he is always there for you. You are learning new things from each other every day. You never knew that one guy could be so interested in what you are interested in. While you both do have different interests, he always listens to a “debrief” of your recent escapades; you do the same for him. He values your work just as you value his. (Am I dreaming or in a fog or living a soap opera? My love life never ever goes this well. There is a first time for everything for everything, I guess. Yes! About time).

5. You share the same basic beliefs about why humans exist and what our real purpose is in life. You both really feel and believe that we are all put on this earth to make things better for people in need. You both actually do something about it. You may not agree 100% politically on the course of change for our world but you do agree on the most crucial points. (Wow. Someone who listens to the other person’s political point of view…without yelling and screaming or pointing a finger at them. This is amazing)! You also share a similar faith and that makes you both feel so solid so far. (God in your court can only be good news. We all agree on this).

6. He communicates his words clearly and precisely as you talk. You never feel that you are ever “pulling teeth” when you try to get him to talk about anything. It is almost like talking to your best friend who actually listens and offers constructive usable suggestions. (Close your mouth, feisty ladies. I know that you are in shock but this is true. He is becoming your best friend and hopefully will become more. What a great guy).

7. He shows a genuine desire to understand what makes you happy. He wants to know what you think about everything. Wow. He likes to talk as much as you do. (Never ever thought that was possible). This guy is also a great listener. He even patiently listens to an “unwind” of your daily highlights and lowlights. When he talks you are becoming a better listener, too because you are following his example. (We can all be better listeners and I am becoming one, too. Big shock). Talking and listening: two things that you and he are on the same page about. This is a “win-win” situation.

8. As you get to know him, you find his interest in you growing deeper. This guy shows respect for you and for himself even during and after arguments. He does not hold a grudge about anything. He intently focuses on you in all that you do. He will be there whenever you need him. (This is not usually what happens to me. The guys in my life tend to check out other women no matter if I am there or not. They seem interested in me but I find out later on that they were really not. I have to get used and will enjoy getting accustomed to this treatment).

9. When you and he are apart, any thought about him makes you happy rather than worried or anxious. He always brings a smile to your face and an inner calmness. This guy is the real deal and will be loving, faithful, honest, true, and loyal to you and the relationship with you. This guy is the “real deal”. Hang on to him and your life will be a great one! (About time to have a healthy, loving relationship. Never give up. The guy of your dreams could just be right around the corner. Mine was).

10. When you are in his presence, you feel a natural desire to please him. He doesn’t bring out your competitive side or a desire to “prove” yourself in any way. You love him completely and you trust your heart in his hands. (This guy will be your life partner, one that all women hope for. Lucky for you that you two finally connected…even later on in life).

So, feisty ladies, does my list work for you? I think that is covers pretty much all of the characteristics that we all need in our partners. I feel happy with this list and plan to memorize it so that when the right guy comes along, I will recognize him immediately and follow these steps to choosing the correct lifetime partner. Wish me luck!

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