The Feisty Lady and her Garden Colors

Feisty ladies! What colors are in your garden? What do they say about you?

Colors catch our eye, invite birds, bees, and butterflies into our gardens, and provide a “welcome home” message to many of us as we enter our driveways each evening after a long, hard day at work. Some of our gardens have a variety of colors; others have a single color theme. The description of garden colors below is an interesting read. See what emotions, symbols, physical symptoms and powers your garden can provide for you and others. Whoever imagined that a garden could have these “color effects” on people? I just thought about the pretty flowers but apparently my garden includes so many other things as it …“meets the eye” each and every morning and evening.

Does your garden include the color red? Red is the color of excitement, power, and luck. It is also the color of love, romance and passion. Hmm. Interesting. The color red, according to recent studies, can raise your pulse rate and blood pressure, too. Your garden of red flowers may exude an air of confidence and call attention to the beauty of your garden. Wow. What a powerful color. I have red flowers in hanging baskets and they seem to set off the whole garden. Guess that I am more exciting, powerful, and lucky than I ever thought.

Can you name the color that is the most popular garden color? Blue is everyone’s favorite color, male and female in almost equal numbers. (Wow. This is something that women and men can actually agree on. Sounds good to me.) It is also the color of the sky and can lower your heart rate by providing a restful, calm, and tranquil feeling. Nothing like blue flowers and a beautiful sky to improve your mood; western US skies are the most beautiful of any that I have ever seen, in my opinion. Studies have shown that the color blue also adds to our creativity and intuition. Guess that is why many businesses now have blue rooms to enhance creative tasks and promote brainstorming and vital problem solving atmospheres in their offices. Blue also is the color of dependability, dignity, and steadfastness. How many blue flowers are in your garden? I actually have only two blue flower plants in my garden. Wonder if that means that I am not creative, intuitive, or dependable? I think that I am; I just happen to have more of this color in the inside of my house.
I hope that counts.

To the majority of people, orange is a garden color that you either really like or really dislike. (I could go either way). It is a fun color that supposedly increases our appetites (who doesn’t like oranges anyway?). Softer orange hues also provide a good blending with others colors in fall gardens and exude a warm energy that seems to provide a “glow” in the garden. Orange supposedly can also increase oxygen to the brain for more brainpower and well as adding lively conversation and many positive emotions to our lives. (Breakfast and lively conversations…really? I am usually half asleep. Guess that I need to drink more orange juice to be more conversant at that important first meal of the day)! Go orange.

Do you like yellow flowers? I especially love the color yellow and yellow flowers are no exception. It is a “happy” color that supposedly releases serotonin and makes us all feel good all over. (Yeah. Here comes the school bus). Yellow supposedly enhances our mental processes and clarity of thinking which in turn inspires our creativity. Yellow brightens up any space and provides us a boost in energy; we feel less sluggish around yellow. I think that many kitchens are yellow because many people enjoy cooking. I have a bright yellow kitchen and still hate cooking so this did not work at all for me.

I love most shades of green. It is said to be a relaxing color, which provides balance and alleviates stress and anxiety while promoting peace and harmony and renewal. (Wow. That is a lot of power in one color). Green is the dominant color in nature and seems to bring all of the other colors “together”. Green is also supposed to be a restful color promoting emotional balance and empathy in life. Being green equals good health. I guess that the “being green” movement knew this when they coined their phrase. I wonder where though the green color of money fits into all of this.
I guess that you are more balanced, less stressed, and less anxious when you have money.

One final garden color, purple, has always been the symbol of royalty and the symbol of courage in all warriors who do battle. The many shades of purple/violet are supposed to offer “magic” and “higher wisdom” to all who wear this color. Being the second favorite color in the world gives purple wearers a sense of originality and uniqueness, according to recent studies. Purple, too, can be used as a border in your garden to frame the other colors. If you want to quiet your mind, increase your power of meditation, and spiritually, include purple in your garden. Yes, I do have purple flowers only because they were on sale at the nursery. Who knew?

So feisty ladies, which color dominates your garden? What characteristics of that color describe you? I will have to say that the more variety of colors in my garden, the better. And hopefully, I certainly have all of the best traits that match each color. How about you?

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