The Feisty Lady and the Full Moon

Even though most feisty ladies that I know are in menopause, does the “time of the month” still bother you? I am not speaking of those of us who no longer have their period on a regular basis (thank goodness that is over for me). I am speaking of those of us who are affected by the full moon. Is anyone else out there just hoping that we could skip the full moon” time of the month”? Does full moon “time of the month” ever bother you? Are you affected feisty ladies by the moon in this phase or is it just me?

I always know when it is full moon. If I am feeling a “bit off”, I look at the calendar and sure enough the full moon cycle is approaching. The full moon has been the subject of much research, speculation, and folklore. I am sure that you have read many things about the “full moon”. The most recent research tells all feisty women that the full moon may do some of the following things to our bodily functions, most importantly our sleep. If I am not fully rested with 7- 8 hours of sleep every night, I will feel “sloggy” by 1PM the next day. Not a good feeling at all, I assure you.

The following list is a compilation of the most recent sleep/full moon research.

1. The “full moon” time of the month may disturb your sleep. Look at the calendar and check the dates when you are not sleeping well. You will be surprised. However, it doesn’t take a full moon to disturb the sleep of most middle-aged women I know. I need my bedroom totally dark, quiet, and cool or I will not sleep; my friends all agree. We all sleep soundly or unsoundly at the same time. On those sleepless nights, we have set up a ”ring system”(3 rings and hang up). I actually get calls, check the caller ID, and am soon having a late night chat with fellow feisty lady. Eventually we both fall asleep, sometimes with the phone in hand. I make this discovery when my alarm goes off in the wee hours of the morning.

2. During full moon, most people sleep 20 minutes less than other nights. For me, that will mean that I will need to go to bed between 8-8:30 PM to “make up” for the lost 20 minutes. That makes the day a really short one especially when I often get home from work between 6-7PM. Seems like I am working and sleeping and of course eating only during busy times at work. Yuck.

3. The full moon cycle extends the time that it takes you to fall asleep. (Oh great.) I am generally ready to fall asleep early each night as log as I follow my normal routines.
If I take a short “cat nap” after 6pm, I have trouble sleeping.
If I read, I usually can fall asleep easily.
If I have had caffeine after 1:45PM, I will not be able to sleep. That means chocolate, too. Darn.
If I toss and turn, I sometimes sleep on the floor or in a different location.
If a friend or family member calls with a problem or bad news, I will not be able to sleep.
I could go on and on but you get my drift.

4. You will get 30% less deep sleep. (More great news).
We all know that the more really deep sleep you get the better. The REM sleep really brings you the best rest for your time in bed. I often wake up “between” dreams and that is it for me. I stay awake, I think, after my REM sleep is disturbed. If I get to bed earlier, I have more time to get into deep sleep. As I have written earlier, I seem to be getting to bed earlier and earlier in this “full moon” time of the month. Maybe after a bad day, I should just call it a day and stay in bed for the next day, too. At least then, I will be rested up and ready to go when the “full moon” passes. Or maybe, I should just take that day off from work everyday every month. I do have the sick days saved to do this.

5. You have lower melatonin levels. (Guess that I have to take even more melatonin)! I take vitamins everyday to stay healthy. I also take a small amount of melatonin every night and will have to boost my intake of melatonin boosting foods such as pineapples, bananas, oranges, sweet corn, tomatoes, and kiwi, all of which I will happily do.

So feisty ladies, keep a calendar documenting all of the nights that you have trouble sleeping. Those nights might be related to the “full moon” cycle or just a result of life in general. Try my strategies, follow my advice, and maybe you will sleep better or fall asleep reading my blog…….

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