The Feisty Lady and Her Garden

Feisty ladies! I love my flower garden.

I find “playing in the dirt” therapeutic, just plain fun, and very aesthetically rewarding. My garden is filled with as many types of perennials as I can find. The colors are varied and planted in no special order and it seems to work (who knew that the garden would bloom so well with such random planting). The flowers bloom at different times of the year, in different areas, each day creating a new pallet of colors. I usually sit on my lawn chair, chatting with neighbors, taking in this beautiful setting. This is a great spot to enjoy with a glass of wine in hand especially after a long, stress-filled, day at work.

To me, gardens are supposed to provide a place for meditation and introspection. They are supposed to “slow down” your thoughts, to relive your stress. Rocks and trees are also present in my garden just because they were too difficult to remove. My garden is overflowing with flowers that take little maintenance and care. My garden simply “grows” as the summer moves on. Less work is best for me.

I plant a few seasonal annuals to add even more colors to my garden. The local grocery store often has great buys so I grab whatever I can. Flowers and fruits and veggies are two of my main purchases each week, of course, with the chocolate thrown in for good measure.

I also have solar lights in my garden so that I can see the flowers well into the evening hours. The solars actually make a my garden seem to “glow” with an eerie light that sometimes has me taking a second look to see what is really in my garden.
Just flowers, I think…..

The four directions theory was a new and interesting idea for me. My garden is small yet faces north and a bit east. North is the direction of all things related to the earth and is a perfect spot for a garden. (I am sure that the builders had this in mind when they built the condo development). This is a quiet spot that is calming and serene as just a smidge of east direction is added. These two directions combine and provide morning sun for growth and for a bright start to the day. I am all set; too bad that most days I am at work and miss this benefit of my garden in the morning but the evening time is just as nice unless the neighborhood kids let loose on their bikes.

My garden is also rectangular in shape in line with most city parks’ dimensions. I will add a small table and chairs to the garden after reading about the importance of viewing the garden from a corner. My furniture will have to be, however, away from the exact corner location because of the placement of my dryer vent. Too much hot air and the occasional expulsion of an occasional lint ball would really spoil the ambience.

The trees in my garden are not the trees of our historical lore. The early societies saw trees as an abode for deities but my trees are in dire need trimming, replacing (all are maple of which I am allergic to in the spring), and of mulching (which I provide every spring season). Most trees are said to have a sort of “energy”, but mine are simply in need of TLC. (C’mon landscape company; you can help me out with this). Research shows that walking among trees drops blood pressure levels and muscle tension. The shape, size, and health of trees provide a “human” feel in many ways. I like the “wishing tree” idea best. You write your wish on a piece of paper, and tie it to the tree, hoping that the wind will blow your words into the air and your wish will be granted. (My trees are probably hoping that I do this every year as they are wishing for their trimming, replacement, and mulching care that they so desperately need). The maple trees are supposed to posses the qualities of good will, wealth, and to get rid of negative energy. Not my maple trees, I am sure because they are just struggling to survive. However, maybe my care will still bring me goodwill, wealth, and positive energy because they know that I “care”. Who knows…….

So feisty ladies, start a garden today. You will beautify your home and perhaps even improve your own wellbeing. I am up for any idea that will improve my life and you probably are, too. So go play in the dirt and create a garden that you will be proud of.

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