The Feisty Lady and “Just Keep Swimming”

Feisty ladies!

I love all types of children’s movies. This could be because I always seem to be going to movies with the under-aged 10 crowd. These movies have a message for kids and one for adults as well. From “Sponge Square Pants” to “Finding Dory”, I have learned many lessons and gleaned many “diamonds of wisdom” from these mostly under PG-13 movies. Below are listed a few of those diamonds.

“Sponge Bob Square Pants”- Sponge Bob and Patrick are always getting into some sort of trouble yet somehow they still remain friends. Sandy, Mr.Crabb, and Plankton are often involved in the shenanigans, too. No matter how weird, scary, unfair, and just plain odd these friends are, they are still friends in the end. No one is perfect, but we all love our friends anyway. Never ever abandon your friends because they will never abandon you, even though we would probably be happy to part with the negative, cranky Squidward Tentacles “types” in our lives.

“Finding Dory”- No matter what, Dory has a motto that we can all follow: just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. She saved the day for her friends in “Finding Nemo”, and does the same for herself in this movie. Life is full of bumps and bruises, but if we just “keep swimming”, we will come to a solution about our problems. Works for Dory and will work for you, I think…..

Any dinosaur movie- The younger set really enjoys this genre of movies. You witness lessons of survival, kindness, the importance of working together, and how to get along with those who are very different than you are in these movies. The dinosaurs seem have a heart that is often as “big” as their body size. So many dinosaur movies with so many types of dinosaurs that only the under-10 set can keep them straight. I often have no idea which dinosaur is which but all of the children do and quickly set us adults straight whenever we are incorrect.

“The Jungle Book”- Based on the book of the same name, the human/wolf cub, Mowgli, is forced to leave his jungle home as he is being pursued by a menacing tiger. He survives all of sorts of turmoils and trials by trusting his instincts and animal friends, old and new. We, too, do best when trusting our friends and acquaintances, even though are problems may not being as life threatening and perilous as Mowgli’s. Best to celebrate the “Bare Necessities” in life and try to relax, enjoying the simple things in life because life will give you what you really need. Boy, wish that we could always do that.

“Zootopia”-This move is set in a metropolis where all animals live together in peace and harmony. A fugitive con-artist fox teams up with a rookie rabbit police officer to uncover a potentially deadly animal conspiracy. Normally now non-predatory animals go feral after receiving a mysterious shot. After the rabbit and fox secure the antidote, life in “Zootopia” returns to normal. Sometimes, we also need help to solve some of life’s more complex problems. Our “antidote” can be friends, a nap, a good therapist, or chocolate. Use whatever works for you.

“The Secret Lives of Pets”-In this move, you can find out exactly what your pets really do all day long when you are at work. Pets will party, eat, hang out with other pets, and enjoy their days with a dog sitter. All pets feel really important to their owner’s but become jealous when a second pet arrives. Still no matter what, they stick together when a disaster strikes. Sounds a lot like us, doesn’t it? And they, too, stop at nothing to lend a hand to a friend/fellow pet when needed. We have all been in their “paws”, now haven’t we?

“Angry Birds”- The birds in this movie are all happy except for one who needs anger management classes. He tries in vain to get along with everyone in the clan with little success. But when the pigs arrive on the birds’ island, this “anger management” bird is the only one who senses that something is wrong. The newly arrived pigs have a diabolical plan to change the lives of the birds forever. The birds learn to use their anger in a “positive” way just like their “anger management” pal to fight this injustice and to have faith in themselves as they to do the right thing. When problems arrive in our lives, we need to follow the leads of our “fine-feathered friends”. Who knew that anger could be put to such a positive use?

“Ice Age: Collision Course”-The relentless and eternal pursuit of the acorn leads the squirrel, Scrat, into a new dimension, outside of his planet, setting off a chain of events that threatens his and his friends’ ice age world. The friends must unite to fend off a meteor storm that would destroy their world. The unlikely group of friends always stick together and help each other despite the ridiculous antics of those they meet. Sound familiar?

“The Minions”- Evolved from a single-celled yellow organism at the beginning of time, the minions seek their very own evil leader. Every evil leader that they have chosen to follow has been “accidentally” killed (Poor T.Rex and Napoleon, to name 2). The group goes into exile in the Arctic seemingly giving up hope of ever finding a leader. Finally in utter desperation, they set out in the 1960’s in one final pursuit of an evil leader. They find their perfect leader in Scarlet Overkill who uses their total devotion to achieve her own evil goals. By the end of the movie, the Minions actually become “heroes” and the good guys instead. Go Minions. If I could only understand what they are saying (and by the way,they are not cursing because I could understand those words) that would only probably take away some of their charm and bawdy sense of humor.

So feisty ladies, do any of these movie “diamonds of wisdom” ring true for you? Are these stories your story? I think that they surely are. We can all learn a lot from children’s movies. Take in one as soon as you can and you will learn a lot. Most of the humor is just what we may need on a day when we need to….. “keep swimming, swimming, swimming”.

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