Feisty Ladies! Just Breathe!

Ever have one of those days when nothing goes the way it should? Days when you should have just stayed in bed and pulled the covers over your head? This happens a lot to many women that I know and to me, too. So I did some research on aromas that help people feel better and remain upbeat about their lives even when the day/days seem to go right into the toilet.

In no special order, see what you think of my “Top 20 Feisty Lady Mood Enhancers”.
All of the “just breath” items that I have included have been listed in numerous aromatherapy sites and publications. I have added my comments and suggestions after each one. Enjoy!

1. Rosemary- This herb promotes an invigorating sense of “awesome brainpower” according to the research that I have read. Eat this the night before a big project at work and you will be at your best. Great herb that I often add to meals on the rare occasions that I do cook.

2. Rose- Most flowers, especially roses, lower my stress level and always make my days feel warm, nurturing, and positive. Wow. I need to avoid all of the other flowers that I am allergic to though or the day becomes full of stressed-filled sneezes, coughs, and wheezes.

3. Chamomile- Sniff and smile as your bad mood fades. This one is best for me as a tea right before bedtime. Wow do I ever sleep after only one cup. I heartily recommend this one for those of you who suffer from insomnia.

4. Lavender- Relax and sleep better with lavender in your bubble bath. I can almost fall asleep in the bathtub with this herb. Sprinkle a little on your pillow as well for a restful snooze. With the chamomile tea and lavender, a good night’s sleep will be a breeze.

5. Lemon/Citrus- This crisp and uplifting scent boosts energy according to the research. An orange a day is my requirement for feeling great. My homemade lemonade is the best that you will ever taste. Go citrus.

6. Eucalyptus- At the end of a long workday, this herb provides added energy when I feel sluggish and tired and still have work to do. Refresh your plant stems from time to time with eucalyptus oil and you can often find yourself working at a near warp speed.

7. Smell the berries- Yes. It is summer. No more work. Time for a well-deserved vacation away from work even if it might be just relaxing at home. We all need this as time off as often as possible. Berries bring the fun vacation memories back after you eat the first berry. Yum. Aah.

8. Dark chocolate-The aroma of chocolate is the most delicious smell and overwhelming favorite in my world. It always boosts my mood, concentration, and energy level. I consider it a major food group, don’t you?

9. Cinnamon- Research says that this herb boosts brainpower, too. I love the smell as I deeply inhale the Cinnabon aroma that greets me as I enter the mall. Even when I think that I am totally shot and have no energy leftover for anything except maybe eating a Cinnabon, I do manage to get back to work after my weekly run to the mall.

10. Pine- Researchers say that pine is supposed to alleviates stress. When I envision myself taking a long walk in a forest, I am totally relaxed. The calmness and quiet of the pine forest are what I need at the end of a long week at work. The holiday pine fragrances can also help me really enjoy the Christmas season as well. This research is right on the mark.

11.Fresh cut grass- Although not on my list, this does appear on every other list that I have read. I feel happy and relaxed because the grass has been mowed and my place looks neat and tidy. I am very allergic to the scent of freshly mowed grass so I stay indoors and watch someone else do the work. I am happy also that the mowing is over.

12. Vanilla- Even though vanilla promotes joy and relaxation, give me chocolate instead. I will however use vanilla candles in my home because the chocolate scent is difficult to find.

13. Pumpkin- Believe it or not, it seems that guys like this one. (That would have been an interesting research study to observe). It is supposedly an aphrodisiac but I have no idea why. Maybe a Cinderella/Prince Charming scenario? Comes into play with this one.

14. Peppermint- The scent of peppermint is known to boost concentration. It also reminds me of the pleasures of Christmas. I then think of all that I have to do to get ready and become stressed sometimes. I do light up my peppermint candles throughout the year even when there are only 229 days till the shopping season begins.

15. Jasmine- This flower smells so good and eases depression in many people. Originally a Chinese folk song, newer versions have a different feel. Oh dear.
I prefer the Chinese version.

16. Apples- I never knew that these healthy fruits could reduce and eliminate migraines. I always heard “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. I love applesauce as well but the healthier version is the apple as nature produces it. How about you?

17. Olive Oil- Olive oil always reminds me of eating a great salad. Research says that we all feel full and satisfied after a meal prepared with olive oil. This is especially true for me when someone else does the cooking. Wonder if the fast food folks have figured this out? Probably.

18. Sunscreen- Ah, I am reminded of those great summers at the pool when I smell sunscreen. I was and am training the next generation to be pool rats just like me. We go to the pool everyday at 2. Swimming in the pool rocks.

19. Baby powder-The aroma of baby powder reminds me of the safety and security of my childhood. Nothing like the baby powder baby smell to make you smile. Recent studies have shown a more sinister link to this product. How can if be safe for babies but toxic for adults?

20. Coffee- I love the smell of coffee but cannot drink it. Research says that it promotes dopamine, a neurotransmitter that enables us to move towards positive actions. I smell the empty bags at work and feel better, even though I do get weird stares from my colleagues.

So feisty ladies, choose your favorite aroma, breathe it often, and keep moving through the day with a great attitude, big smile, and a healthy glow. Works for me and it will work for you, too.

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