The Feisty Lady and the Pool: Take 2

Feisty ladies! During the early stages of my summer vacation, I have been spending a lot of time at the local community pool with my nephews. I have met some very interesting people and have had numerous conversations on many kid-oriented topics. Nice people are everywhere and are looking for someone to talk to just like all of us.

However, I am noticing one thing about the men at the pool: they will chat with you if you have kids with you, but ignore you if you are all by yourself. Most of these men have children with them as well. Married, single, or whatever, they all chat with me about the kids that I have with me. When I see them outside of the pool, they still smile and say “hi”. I am quite amused by this because I have 10-15 years on most of them. Guess that I am safe to talk to.

From all that I have been reading and learning from my fellow feisty ladies, I thought that the best way to meet guys was to have a dog or some sort of pet, but I am finding out that the nephew angle works equally as well. While no dates have ensued from these daily conversations, I still am pleasantly surprised by the men and their daily greetings and comments to me about my nephews. Last night a random man remarked to me about them and their weed pulling skills. I hate weed pulling, but the little guys found it fun and this big guy noticed. Go figure.

But alas, yesterday had a guy who would not even speak to me at all. As I looked at him, I figured that he was just tired and had that hangover look. When he complained to his daughter about a headache from the sun, which was not visible at all, I knew that I was correct. No missed conversation with that one.

Suffice it to say, feisty ladies, I guess that meeting nice men is not an impossibility at all. Bring the nephews and hang out at a “kid- oriented” activity and the guys will come to you. Even AARP is recording an increase of relationships and marriage in the older set. Seems that we all feel more entitled to love and happiness in our lives. Just remember ….to bring the kids!

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