The Feisty Lady and Divorce/Break-up Songs

Feisty ladies! We all know the grim statistics of marriage divorce rates in this country. 50% of all marriages fail; the rate is even higher for second marriages (67%) and third marriages (75%). I guess that we stop stop after three because the statistics would be even more shocking.

So if you are part of these divorce/break-up statistics, I have a song list that may help you through this awful time in your life. The songs are listed in no particular order. The feisty comments after each song are mine.

If you listen to the Top 40 on the radio, just about any Adele song will do. Three albums later and she’s still going strong, offering up great divorce/break-up songs for any frame of mind. Keep singing, Adele, but take care of that voice. Feisty ladies everywhere need your inspiration, power, and stupendous voice of support and encouragement at this difficult time in their lives.

“D-I-V-O-R-C-E”. Just spelling out your troubles will never ever work; the divorce/break-up will still proceed no matter if you spell it out or speak the truth of what is going on. Spelling it out in front of the kids may work at first, but with all of the tension in the house, they will soon figure things out anyway. Better to be up front with everyone, even your children, feisty ladies. The truth and honesty is always best.

“Every Breathe You Take”. As the song says…”watching you, every step you take, every move you make”… Strange. It sounds like that one of you cannot let go, but you have to or…become a bit of a stalker. Scary. Do not follow this route, feisty ladies or you could get into real trouble. Move on and keep breathing.

“I Will Always Love You”. You can hear the soaring vocals of this song in your head right now. This song is so well sung but so sad on so many levels. No matter if your divorce/break-up is amicable, or over the top nasty, I know plenty of women who think this at first, but eventually came to their senses about how the love they once shared is now gone. Every feisty lady knows all of the words to this one and also remembers the moment that she knew that she had to move on with her life.

“What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger”. Personally, I would rather be a bit weaker and not feel like I was slowly dying inside and this song celebrates just that. But eventually you stand taller, are more comfortable with yourself, and fight for what you want in your life. We all want to feel this and you will never ever forget the moment that you realized that you became stronger and were so much better without him. Go feisty ladies.

“You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”. Yes, the Beatles lived through break-ups and divorces, too. This guy was so sad, felt so small, and was thinking that others were staring and talking about him. He was clearly still in the grieving mode and devastated at his loss. He knew that it was time to say good-bye, to hide his love, and to bring it out eventually, for a new love when he was ready. It will take time but these are great words to live by for all feisty ladies.

“Go Your Own Way”. I never knew that this song was about a breakup within the members of the Band. Apparently, it was time to break-up, “to go your own way, to call it another lonely day”. How difficult that must have been to still perform together. Just like divorced parents who need to remain civil for the sake of their kids, the Band kept performing and sharing their music with their audiences, despite the pain some members felt. We all know feisty ladies who also do this every day for their children. Bravo to them.

“Big Girls Don’t Cry”. Well guess what? They do! I love the vocals and harmonies of this song. The guy in this song wanted to break-up, but really didn’t want to. His girlfriend called his bluff and moved on and he was the fool for acting so ridiculously. Sounds familiar now doesn’t it? Most feisty ladies I know have experienced something like this. Maybe we do cry, but they will be tears of joy as we do realize that our “Mr. Wonderful”s are out of our lives for good.

“Blow Me One Last Kiss”. This song is about life being too short for all of this hassle in her relationship and how she’s had enough! We all have felt that way as well. We she can now do what she wants but still asks for one last kiss (maybe, maybe not, that depends on you) . She wants to remember the good times, but they are few in number. Time to move on feisty ladies. Life is better than this one last kiss, I know for sure.

And my all time favorite, the song voted the most popular and well known break-up/ divorce song is:…”I Will Survive”. Gloria brings it home in a way like no one else ever has. We all feel first scared, then pissed, and then glad to be rid of him. We will all survive, feisty ladies, by our willpower, strength, and fortitude. And singing chorus of Gloria now and then will not hurt either. You would be surprised how many women know all of the words to this song.

So feisty ladies, choose your own songs or use my list. Sometimes silence is best but sometimes a song that you can empathize and belt out is the better. Choose what ever you need to feel better and to move on from the Mr. Wonderful of your life. A better life awaits you. This I know from experience.

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