The Feisty Lady and Wedding Reception Songs

Feisty ladies! We have all attended our fair share of weddings. We have all hit the dance floor and danced to most of the songs listed below, some being easier to dance to than others. I have complied a partial list of the top songs being played at 2016 wedding receptions. See if you agree with my list. Some are a given; others are a why? The responses to the songs are totally mine; your responses might be different.

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody”- Great beat and of course you do; it’s a wedding reception.
“Uptown Funk”- I will pass on this one. To me it is more like a “night on the town” song. No more of those for this couple.
“Shout”- Why not? Enjoy yourself and “shout” if you want; have fun!
“Crazy in Love”- You better be because you just got married.
“Don’t Stop Believin'”- Best dance song ever and a great movie with a happy ending.
“Twist and Shout”- What would a wedding be without a Beatles tune?
“Shut up and Dance”- This is what we all hope the DJ does so that we can dance.
“Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough…”- Michael Jackson tunes are also a must at any wedding.
“Yeah”- It worked in the movie “Hitch”, so why not for the happy couple?
“You Make My Dreams Come True”- Isn’t this one an obvious choice?
“Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours”- Stevie Wonder , says it all.
“Sweet Caroline”- Okay if your name is Caroline.
“Happy”- Of course, you better be; it’s your wedding day.
“We Found Love”- Yes the couple did. A BIG necessity for getting married.
“Call Me Maybe”- Why? Another call? What for? You are already married.
“Can’t Help Fallin’ in Love…” An Elvis tune that will melt even the crankiest relative attending the wedding.
“The Way You Look Tonight”-Sinatra says it the best. Besides aren’t all brides beautiful and grooms handsome?
“You Make My Dreams Come True”- Hopefully so because you just got married.
“Celebrate”- A great song for all celebrations especially weddings.

I must also add group dances line dances to this list because no wedding dance party would be complete without the:
“Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Cotton Eye Joe, YMCA, Conga Line, and the classic, Chicken Dance.

If you can add another song to this list, that would be great. Each couple has their own sentimental song so feel free to add your song, too. I personally, feisty ladies, always enjoy the dancing even more than the food. Everyone dances and some of us are certainly top notch on the dance floor. “I may be older but I can still dance!”

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