The Feisty Lady and Tattoos

Feisty ladies! I have been chatting with ladies and gents who are sporting a tattoo or multiple tattoos. Their comments have been very interesting. I have interviewed family, friends, strangers and also did some research about why people get a tattoo/tattoos. The Egyptians had tattoos 5,000 years ago as a means of differentiating peasants and slaves. Additional present day reasons are listed below. I have also included my very own feisty lady responses to these reasons.

“It is my body and my choice”. ( But I have to look at it. )

“It takes 10 years off of your life”. (To do exactly what? )

“I do not have the time, the money, or the interest”. ( How much do these things cost anyway? )

“I am a probably the only biker who does not have a tattoo”. ( That is great; it makes you less scary! )

“I need my money for my bills and never have had the extra money to do this”. ( When you do have extra money maybe taking a vacation might be a better use of your money. )

“I got mine to honor my children/ my Mom’s passing”. (Why? Can’t you remember their names without looking at your arms or legs? Would your Mom really approve? )

“I got my tattoo to celebrate my battle with cancer”. ( Isn’t living each day with a smile on your face good enough? )

“My tattoos match those of long time friends”. ( Wouldn’t a yearly party or a picture album be a way to honor your friends or just being there when they need you? )

“My tattoos reflect events in my life”. ( What is wrong with just creating anniversary days for those big events? )

“It allows me to create my own style”. ( Why not just get some new clothing instead? )

“My tattoo covers up a bad scar”. ( Doesn’t vitamin E work for that, too? )

“All of my friends have one; it is trendy”. ( Peer pressure rears it ugly head once again. )

“96% of all Americans do not really care one way or another about tattoos”. ( Tattoos are okay with me. I just do not want one. )

“38% of the population has one tattoo or more, so why not me”? ( Be an original. Do your own thing. )

“I love animals so I have a tattoo of my favorite animal.. on my back”. ( Two responses to this one: get a picture of that animal and how can you see the tattoo on your back anyway? )

“I need light in my life so my tattoos are all of light generating objects”. ( Get another lamp, carry a flashlight, or sit in the sun. )

“I got mine after being drunk one night”. ( Tattoos instead of a hangover? That is a poor choice. )

“Always remember that a tattooed person is more than meets the eye”. ( I totally agree. )

“Young people get tattoos because it is another form of self expression. (A permanent one for sure. )

One gal had her husband’s name tattooed on an interesting place that only they could see when they were being intimate. When they divorced she became one of the women who have their tattoos removed more frequently than men. (Ouch. I hear that that really hurts. )

Famous people who had tattoos? Thomas Edison, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, King George, and Winston Churchill. (I will not be adding my name. )

Why don’t I have a tattoo? For the same reason you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari, feisty ladies.

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