The Feisty Lady and The Pool

Feisty ladies! It is memorial day and I have started my “official” affair with the pool. I love swimming and splashing around like a 10 year old, do you?

I prepped for the pool and was disappointed to find my favorite suit with not a hint of spandex at all. Seems that the chlorine of years past had taken care of that. It was saggy, baggy, and raggy to say the least. Off to the store I went and found just the perfect suit, originally priced at $150. Because I am a strictly “on sale” shopper, I secured a bargain and was pleased. My new suit was one that would not be missed. With its bright colors and flowers, my nieces and nephews would be able to find me anywhere in the pool. No one had a suit like mine and I was pleased with that fact. I felt feisty and original in my tank style slimming, snazzy (by my standards) suit.

I look forward to the pool opening every year. I have been swimming at this pool since I was a little kid. Seems that now it is time to teach another generation the joys of going to the pool. All of my nieces and nephews have been included on my yearly season pass. Whether swimming for one hour or 6 hours, we are all on our way to becoming pool rats. One of my preschool aged nephews became the first kid in the pool to kick-off the pool season and boy was he pleased with that information.

This year’s pool “affair” began in an unusual way. As I sat by the pool observing numerous parents and their splashing cherubs, I noticed that all of the younger parents and even a few grandparents had multiple tattoos. I seemed to be the only person without one. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes had more than one tattoo in more than one weird location. Other than the children and teenagers, everyone sported a tattoo except me. I guess that I missed that fashion statement. I can remember my uncle’s WWII tattoo which he secured on a leave in the Pacific under circumstances that he could not remember; I think that it involved some heavy drinking. I can also remember the “tramp stamp” description that I heard as a child of any woman with a tattoo. Still, one middle aged friend defied those statements and secured her tattoo as a teenager in a location that has sagged with time and rues the days she was tattooed. By what I witnessed, however, I guess that this has all changed. Most tattoos were basic, others were fancy, and others included names of loved ones. Sill others were just plain odd. Some were beyond my scope of understanding because I could not figure out what they were. I caught myself staring at some of these folks and wondered why they has so much body art. My next post will include their responses. It should be interesting.

Still more adventures were to come on this first weekend of my pooling. Seems that the pool crowd includes many helicopter parents. Everyone can get splashed by their kids but no one should be splashing their kids. Two sets of parents almost got into a fight about the splashing. We are in a pool, folks. Get a grip. Splashing happens. The use of pool toys also became a problem. Clearly mark your toys, people, and this will not be an issue. We share our pool toys, which are labeled, and never have had a problem. Kids need to learn to share even if their parents missed this part of growing up. Jumping in the pool is expected so steer clear of the “jumpers” who just fly through the air at a moment’s notice. I was pummeled a few times by these high flyers. Seems that I had to caution the kids about this because their parents were distracted by their cell phones.

I survived my first weekend of my pool “affair”. I expect many more great weekends with my nieces and nephews. They know the rules and are happy to follow my guidelines. If only the other people there would do the same and just splash and jump around like a 10 year old, we would all be happy and enjoying the tattoo display, our toys, the splashing, and the jumpers! Stay feisty ladies and you will be a pool rat just like me!

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