The Feisty Lady and Giving In…to the Shake!

Feisty ladies! Are you on a diet right now? Have you been successful at losing weight? Have you gained back your energy? Do you still crave a milkshake? French fries? Read on about the solution to these cravings that has worked for my friends. It just might work for you.

I was recently dining with 2 friends who are die-hard dieters, religiously following a famous U.S. weight loss program. They exercise for 30 minutes+ every day, count calories, portions, etc. and have been very successful following this program. The food choices in this program are varied and generally taste good. Although some dishes are still totally tasteless, they are for the most part happy with their program. Both have achieved weight loss and energy gain through following this diet regimen. All is well in their diet world or so I thought.

We were having lunch in a local restaurant which features some of the tastiest desserts and milkshakes ever known to women. You just drool as the waitress walks by your table with a treat that is definitely not on any meal plan that promotes weight loss and energy gain. Since both women have been really “good” on their diet plan, they simply tried to ignore the desserts. Good luck with that approach. I am a vegetarian and gluten free so most desserts are not off limits to me and is always an option.

I have read that it is okay to “splurge” once in a while, that depriving yourself of a treat makes you “crave” one even more, and that one “cheat day” once in a while was okay. Apparently, my friends have read the same diet information. As we looked at each other, we called over the waitress and ordered the shameful milkshake. We were pretty slick, though about how we wanted the dessert. It was to be divided into 4 portions (even though there were only 3 of us), and no whipped creme was to be added.

As we waited impatiently for our forbidden treat, we all smiled at what was to come our way for dessert. The 4 equal portions arrived. We asked to server to take one back to the kitchen and discard it (a terrible waste of food, in my opinion). We each ate our portion in slow motion, not to miss any of the sweet, gooey, chocolate flavor of the milkshake. We all smiled at each other as we ate, but a funny thing happened. After a few bites, each of us had had enough of our dessert. Just the very sweet taste was too much for one friend. Another had simply lost her taste for sugar. And I, of course, snarfed my 1/4 portion down and loved it.

We all learned something that day about our respective diets. “Giving in to the Shake” may sound great but the actual taste might be too much for die-hard dieters. If you have not eaten something (aka as dessert) for a while, you lose your taste for it (that would be horrible for me). The dessert might actually “look” better than it tastes (also terrible for me). My friends discovered this to be the case. So when we eat out from now one, I will order my dessert to go and happily eat it at home. That way I will not have to share it and to let a perfectly sweet, gooey, chocolate milkshake ever go to waste again and all 4 portions will be all mine.

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