The Feisty Lady and Avoid Driving in This U.S. Eastern State!

Feisty ladies! Ever wonder why you got on the road to go to work or to travel and wished that you had stayed at home? I felt like this last week.

I do a lot of driving to work, to see friends and family, and to shop, of course. However, this past Friday was about the worst driving that I have ever encountered on the road in one day in the an eastern U.S. state that shall remain nameless.

I headed out after work and encountered one clueless driver after another. The first driver wanted to get in my lane, so I motioned him to come over. The was a nice gesture I thought; however he did not. I expected to receive a “thank you” wave but instead he flipped me off with 2 hands. I was so stunned that I just looked at him in disbelief. I thought that I had done the right thing but he surely must have thought otherwise.

I continued on my travels and nearly was rear ended. The blue truck was literally 6 inches, maybe, behind me. I was going a brisk 70, but that was not good enough for him. I moved over to the right lane as soon as I could and so did this driver. He continued to tail me. I resisted the urge to tap my brakes and just kept on driving. Seems that I got into his upcoming exit lane and was still not moving fast enough. Considering that the rain was really coming down, this still was no reason for this jerk to slow down. Next came on the his hi-beams. I got ready to dial 911 but fortunately he exited the road. I wondered if he had a gun, too. Scary.

I next exited to get some much needed gas (yes, even a Prius does need gas sometimes). I pulled into the pump and was met by someone coming the wrong way into the pumps. The arrows were clearly not noticed by these driver. So there we were sitting nose to nose getting gas. So I just shrugged as did the attendant who proceeded to fill my tank. Next thing I know, the driver exits the car and goes into the station. It took him a long time to get back to his car (maybe he needed a long potty break….). In the meantime, I was stuck in the spot for nearly 5 minutes until he came out to enter his car. The attendant had to go in to get this clueless driver! He was clearly not a happy camper when he got into his car, backed up and nearly hit another car, and left with squealing tires. I pulled through the gas lane and went on my way. Phew! I was glad to be back on the road or so I thought.

I have my favorite places to stop for snacks,etc. and guess who was there also? The jerk from the gas station. I dreaded what this encounter would bring, but he said nothing until he passed by me and mumbled something under his breathe. I ignored him and found out from the proprietor that he acts like this all of the time and enjoys harassing women. Thanks goodness for the gas attendant and the nice proprietor. Things could have gotten worse.

Wall to wall traffic for this state is nothing new; seems like it is always rush hour. The Olympic sport of “car gawking” at any stalled car is also a common occurence. As we all sat in traffic and eventually passed this driver whose car issues caused the backup, his problem was not a “gawk-able” moment even though some people just cannot help being big rubbernecks. He had simply run out of gas. Guess that perhaps he had troubles at his gas station just like me.

I could go on and on with other stories. I always hate driving through this state. The attitude of the drivers is only matched by that of the bully of a governor who was unfortunately elected by people who by now must be very sorry. A college friends’ parents took the long way around to avoid this state. Better drive a bit longer than almost lose your life driving here, they often said. Ask anyone about a state that they would rather not drive in and this state is the first one on their list.

So what will I do? I will continue to remain feisty and well-mannered as I drive. I will ignore the idiots on the road and pretend like I do not see them just like those drivers who do not see my turn signal or my break lights. And I will keep my phone handy!

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