The Feisty Lady and Saying “Thank you”

Feisty ladies! How will people know that you appreciate what they do if you do not tell them? Always say thank you and mean it!

I ran into this situation a few days ago. I have a close friend and colleague whom I trust personally and professionally. She has lost her wallet and was so appreciative that I had found it among the mess on her desk. She thanked me for all that I always do and have done for her. She was genuinely “thankful” but I rarely heard those words from her in a way that I knew the she really meant it. I knew that she meant it on that day because the tone of her voice really expressed it. Your voice inflection really matters.

Earlier this year, I had a friend remove all of her belongings from basement. Said items were to have been there only 6 months but remained there for 3+ years. I received no “thank you” but only terse words about this how this was an inconvenience for her and her family! I did not really expect a thank you but even a perfunctory one would have been nice.

Last week in the grocery store, I held the door for a woman and her 3 screaming children. She was genuinely grateful and said so in a very calm voice, with a big smile on her face. The kids kept yelling but her “thank you” was heartfelt, I think, given the noise level coming from her children. It felt good to get a thank you for someone who really had other things on her mind but took the time to thank me. Maybe her husband could have been helping her out or maybe he was working a second job.

Outside of a local donut shop, a homeless man hangs out most days. This is a great place to be when people are going in and out, often in a big hurry on their way to work. However, many different people hand this man a coffee and donut or bagel as he begins his daily search for a job. How do I know this? After I handed him breakfast one morning, I heard a very quiet “thank you” from him along with a small bit of a smile. I paused and told him to have a good day (it was all that I could think of at the time and in retrospect was a rather stupid thing to say). He spoke softly and told me that he had a job interview today and was hoping for the best. I told him that I would send my prayers his way. He thanked me again. About a week later, he was at the donut shop and told me, as he waited in line, that he got a job and was on his way to work. He thanked me again and told me that he would “pay forward” my kindness to him. I smiled through the rest of my workday.

There are many more stories that I could tell. One never knows what “shoes ” others are walking in, but I always say “thank you” after most of my encounters with people. That small kindness, those words, “thank you” may just be what some one needs to hear on that day. It could change their life.
It could change your life as well.

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