The Feisty Lady and Real Friends

Feisty ladies! We all have many types of friends and acquaintances in our lives but some of them may need to go!

I have a diverse group of friends. I have a few friends that I speak to nearly everyday. I have others that I speak to less frequently but when we speak, our conversation just seems to “continue” from where we left off at the end of our last conversation. Those friends are friends for life. They enrich my life daily; just knowing that they are supporting, nurturing, and caring for me makes every day seem like a great day.

Then there are the friends I have moved to the “acquaintance” category. And what is the “acquaintance” category, you ask? You move into the “acquaintance” category when you cease to be a real friend by thinking only of yourself and no longer really understanding that friendship is a two-way street. This category includes friends who have their own agenda, goals, and plans for getting ahead no matter who they run over, i.e. me!

One such friend has recently been moved to the “acquaintance” category. How do you know when it is time to re-categorise your friend? It could be any of the following: when they always put their needs before yours, when they do not return your phone calls, when they take advantage of your good nature, and when they take your ideas and take credit for them. This friend I have known for a long time and still manages to insult me with inappropriate comments, her myriad of real and imagined problems, and a genuine disregard of my needs. “Not my monkeys, not my parade” is my new motto for dealing with this so-called friend who is better moved to the “acquaintance” category and out of my circle of true friends. I need supportive friends around me; and acquaintances are not that at all.

So how do you go out and find some new friends? I can offer a a few tips. I started with getting to know my neighbors who are very busy like me but are really super people. I chat with people in the grocery store. And I have met really great people in church:) I also have found a myriad of cool colleagues at work who really appreciate me and all that I do. I never knew that I worked with such feisty women. Life is good!

The “diamond” of this story: remove friends from you life who offer nothing but only take things from you. Friendship is a true “diamond” in your life and remove those who cloud up your life with their ills, woes, and problems.

You deserve the best that life has to offer.

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