The Feisty Lady and the “Test”

Feisty ladies! You all know children and parents who have to endure the dreaded state tests. The testing time of year is here. We all took them as children but now the emphasis on the test, test scores, and test scores tied to teacher evaluations has gone “over the top”. It seems that the stress level for all parties involved has gone way off the charts. It is definitely time for a change. I am sure that you agree.

So what would you have your children do? To take the test or not take the test…that is the big question. (Yes, I borrowed that line).

I have heard and listened to many points of view. Everyday has another opinion or counter-opinion about testing. Did you know who is pushing all of this testing? Not the government. Not the schools. And surely not the teachers. Do some research to find out and you will be very surprised.

Walmart supports the test. Why? For higher wages? Nope. They do not even pay their employees a living wage to begin with; many need food stamps just to survive. The collect food for their employees in the store very December. Very tacky, Walmart. They want a “more qualified, better trained worker” ……who will earn only $15 an hour. Some incentive. Shame on you Walmart.

The Gates Foundation also supports the present day excessive testing culture. The Foundation feels that H.S.and college graduates aren’t well enough “prepared” to enter the job market and naturally that is the fault of the schools and of course, the teachers. More tests are needed. Common core standards are needed, too and should be implemented NOW. Many graduates at all levels of education struggle to get a job. Maybe the Gates Foundation should assist high school and college students by offering offer fair wage summer jobs and post graduation jobs and fair loan re-payment plans for the college graduates. If you want a “more qualified” work force, help out where the help is really needed, Gates Foundation. Put all of your money to work helping students who need it. Give them a job and assist them with their tuition bills. Sounds fair to me.

And last, the group that is really pushing the testing is the Wall Street hedge fund managers. With their gadzillion dollar salaries and vast array of educational expertise, surely they are the perfect group to make the educational decisions of our students. They know what is “best” for the education of our students. Money isn’t everything guys. Being kind, compassionate, and thoughtful matters. too.

Parents need to do what they feel is best for their child. Life is full of test. Maybe one less would be a great idea!

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